Aufgrund der weiterhin hohen Ansteckungsgefahr, speziell für Tänzer, und der stark einschränkenden Vorschriften müssen wir leider das diesjährigen Swing United absagen.

Die Registrierung der Workshops und Partys ist vorerst geschlossen.

Eure Swing Jets

Beginner / Intermediate

You know the basics of Lindy Hop, you alternate structures of 6 and 8 counts fluently and you have integrated them in your social dance naturally. If you want to consolidate the basis of the Lindy Hop and go a step further, this is your level!

Intermediate + higher

You attend various weekly classes, workshops, social dances, weekend festivals and maybe even events abroad and you may have taken some solo jazz classes. You dance with transitions between different types of charleston and lindy hop with confidence and can swing out at agood speed! You know how to connect well with a partner, move through different figures with different energy and in a musical way. This track is for dancer who have devoloped some self awareness of their own dancing and are looking to add more variety, depth and finesse. 

*Higher levels with auditions

We are offering levels from beginner / intermediate to intermediate and higher. On Saturday morning we will have an audition for the intermediate levels. Before we begin the classes the teachers will hold a relaxed and friendly audition and divide you into two groups.